The Champion

Who Is The Most Valuable Person In Your Network?

Are you looking for a Champion? Don’t you sometimes wonder: “There must be someone out there who will set me up with all sorts of great ideas, wonderful opportunities, and incredible new contacts, so as to bring me the success I deserve.” If this is your dream, you’ve come to the right place. Destiny has brought you just a click away from the book that will help you find such an individual – The Champion.

Praise for The Champion:

Frank and Jim have woven a masterful tail that chronicles one networker learning a most important lesson.

When networking today it's no longer about what you know, who you know or even who knows you. What matters most now is how you're known. Almost by accident Jerry has the opportunity to change how he is known.

The lead character finally understands that being interested in others makes you far more interesting to them then actually trying to be interesting.

I really enjoyed how they used the story of Jerry becoming the networking champion he sought to bring the success from networking we all seek.— Terry Bean
Founder and